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Cornerstone P&O Attends Hawaii Adaptive Surf Competition June 7th-11th.

Hawaii Adaptive Surf Competition June 7th-11th.

Queen’s Surf Break, Waikiki Hawaii

Mike, Dave, and Kelly could attend the Hawaii Adaptive Surf Competition opening ceremonies while attending the US-ISPO International Prosthetic and Orthotics Conference in Waikiki, Hawaii. The Conference was excellent this year!!

This was an amazing and moving experience to participate in!!

120 Athletes were competing from 24 Nations. This was the first stop of the Adaptive Surfing World Champion Tour.

The opening ceremonies took place in front of the famous Duke Kahanamoku statue. The ceremony started with a Hawaiian Chant and Hula Dancers.

Each represented Nation had an Athlete place a Lei on the statue. It was a very moving experience.

This 5-day event was blessed with perfect weather conditions. We were so happy to get to experience this fantastic event. For more information or to support this amazing event, visit:


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