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Advanced Technology

Cornerstone Running Man

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Blachford Orion 3

The new Orion3 microprocessor knee gives enhanced stability and efficient motion.

Blatchford Avalon

AvalonK2 is a hydraulic ankle that has been designed specifically for the complex needs of limited community ambulators.


Cornerstone: Biosculptor CAD/CAM Experts

College Park

The Velocity's coupled toe springs work together to help provide a progressive, dynamic response. This foot is designed to enhance smooth rollover for comfortable walking and high impact activities.

Cornerstone Dynamic Bracing

A Dynamic Brace is a custom device built with a PDE dynamic spring and integrated Click™ Medical RevoFit2 closure system.

Fillauer AllPro Foot

The AllPro line combines high flexibility and dynamic performance to meet your multiaxial needs, helping you transition between work and play with ease.

HiFi Interface Socket

The HiFi Socket Interface, for a more efficient gait, and an overall more connected and natural feel when moving.

Martin Bionics Socket-Less Socket

Adjustable and conforming Socket-less Socket™ technology transforms quality of life.

Motivity Partial-Foot Prosthesis

The Motivity partial-foot prosthesis is entirely custom fabricated from carbon fiber by Cornerstone Prosthetics and Orthotics.

NAKED Prosthetics

Naked Prosthetics assists finger and partial-hand amputees by positively impacting their lives through providing functional, high-quality finger prostheses to get people back to work and
doing the things they love.

Nu-Flex Socket

Experience ultimate flexibility with the Nu-Flex Socket - adjust your socket volume on the fly with the easy turn of a dial.

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