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Welcome to the Cornerstone Prosthetic and Orthotic Careers page! We are an experienced team of orthotics and prosthetics professionals looking for self-driven and motivated individuals to join us. We offer various locations in the Pacific Northwest, including Everett, Edmonds, Mount Vernon, Bellingham, Sequim, and Spokane, as well as opportunities to grow professionally with our comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic solutions. Our team is passionate about providing our patients with high-quality care, and we strive to become the leading practice in our region.



We offer a welcoming work environment that allows our employees to thrive, working as an equal team to provide high-quality patient care. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and expertise to help those in need and promote positive patient outcomes.

If you’re seeking a career in orthotics and prosthetics, look no further than Cornerstone Prosthetic and Orthotic Careers. Here you will find a comprehensive list of job openings, allowing you to find the right opportunity to kick-start your career. We invite you to join us on our mission of providing quality care to our patients and apply for any positions you find interesting.

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