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Cornerstone Running man

Cornerstone: Biosculptor CAD/CAM Experts


Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing is commonly known as CAD/CAM,and is a technology that is utilized in prosthetics and orthotics. Cornerstone uses two methods of CAD/CAM: one involves a fiberglass mold which is then digitized into a computer for further design and manufacture, while another method involves laser scanning. The image created is digital and is three-dimensional. Cornerstone primarily uses Biosculptor software. Cornerstone uses CAD/CAM in prosthetics to capture the shape of the residual limb, and in orthotics to capture the shape of a patient’s spine. With this accurate image, the practitioner is able to modify and correct the shape electronically, and send the image to our own highly qualified technical staff for fabrication. The image is then stored for future access.

To learn more about Biosculptor, visit: : BioShape Manipulation Software

Photo:CAD/AFO Carving

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