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Fillauer AllPro Foot

Cornerstone Running man

The AllPro line combines high flexibility and dynamic performance to meet your multiaxial needs, helping you transition between work and play with ease.

Fillauer AllPro Foot

AllPro XTS

It’s the Fillauer AllPro performance you have come to expect with an even smoother rollover and forgiveness on rough terrain or around town.The IP67 waterproof XTS unit provides adjustable torsion and vertical shock reduction without sacrificing build height. This field-serviceable unit is built with an active lifestyle in mind.


  • Versatile foot function adapts to all activities

  • Industry-leading flexibility provides excellent plantar and dorsiflexion

  • Split-Toe, carbon composite design for multiaxial movement and dynamic response

  • Waterproof (IP67) XTS unit provides vertical shock and axial rotation for increased socket comfort

  • Carbon composite design for dynamic response

  • Adjustable heel stiffness with replaceable bumper

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