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Ottobock Maverick

Cornerstone Running man

This lightweight fiberglass option is waterproof and is available in a sandal toe option for greater lifestyle versatility.

Ottobock Maverick

Dynamic movements on various surfaces

You can move freely with the Maverick Comfort AT! Whether you’re walking on the street or in rough terrain – the prosthetic foot adapts to various surfaces.

Robust and resilient, even during high-impact activities

With the Maverick Comfort AT, there’s no need to compromise. After all, this prosthetic foot combines flexibility with incredible robustness and a high energy return.

Smooth rollover for easy walking

With a seamless rollover from heel strike to toe-off, the Maverick Comfort AT lets you walk in comfort, even at higher speeds.

High energy return with a low build height

Thanks to the Maverick Comfort AT, you can benefit from the high energy return and flexibility even if you only have a limited build height available.

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