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Above the knee amputee with a passion for athletic achievement.

Updated: Jun 6

Ali McWeeny had a life-changing accident in 2009 – she was on a boat that capsized and lost her left leg. She was left with an above-knee amputation on her left side and severe damage to her right hamstring and gluteus maximus. Doctors told Ali that she would have to change her hobbies (sports) and career goals to be a Physical Education teacher. Thankfully, she refused to do so.

Six years later, she has come a long way. She graduated with a physical education degree with a coaching minor and is now a Physical Education teacher. Ali is a well-documented, successful competitive powerlifter on Team Phoenix. She coaches, teaches, and competes in powerlifting. She feeds her creative side through her art, adventure travel, community service, and outdoor recreation.

Ali McWeeny,“Never give up, never look back!”


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