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Dynamic Brace Changes Lives

Updated: Jun 9

Cornerstone Prosthetics and Orthotics is proud to offer our new Dynamic Brace for our patients. The Dynamic Brace is a unique system that allows us to help restore patient activity and help get people moving again. The foundation of the brace is the removable Posterior Dynamic Element strut system that comes in five different stiffnesses. It helps us to tailor the amount of energy returned to each patient’s needs. With each step, the PDE stores energy and then releases it to reduce the patient's effort dramatically. We can also adjust the angle and position of the foot to help dial the fit even further.

On top of the PDE strut, our Dynamic Brace can be equipped with Revolimb’s amazing lacing system. With the spin of a dial, patients can tighten the offloading cuff to precisely the correct compression level. It is just as easy to loosen when sitting for extended periods, or less offloading is needed. The Revo can even be adjusted when wearing long pants that cover the brace without exposing the dial!

Here are just some of the types of patients we have helped with our Dynamic Brace;

  • Foot and ankle crush injuries.

  • Failed Ankle Fusions.

  • Partial foot amputation.

  • Ankle and foot pain post-fracture.

  • Drop foot

Here is one of our patient's experiences with our Dynamic Brace;

“My name is Jim and I had a partial foot amputation. Prior to the amputation, I worked in a cubical too many hours per day and to make up for it I tried to be fairly active. I was averaging 25 to 35 miles per week of running. My wife and I planned vacations so we could both attend races all over Washington. Really, most of our friends and social events included these races. I also loved snowboarding with my son, mountain biking and hiking with the whole family. After the surgery I assumed walking and casual biking would be my limits. I could not have been more wrong. Because of my Dynamic Brace from Cornerstone Prosthetics I have been able to get back into running and the lifestyle I had before surgery. This might sounds cheesy but Cornerstone Prosthetics gave me my life back.” Jim. H, partial foot amputee
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