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HiFi Interface Socket

Cornerstone Running man

The HiFi Socket Interface, for a more efficient gait, and an overall more connected and natural feel when moving.

HiFi Interface Socket

The High-Fidelity™ Interface Socket is referred to as the HiFi Socket, and is a revolutionary new socket design that leads to more stability of the residual limb for the transfemoral patient. This patent-pending design is a complete departure from current prosthetic sockets and delivers a feel as though your residual limb and the prosthesis are locked together as one. Users of the socket design often report experiencing increased stability, greater comfort and energy efficiency, a lower perceived weight for the prosthesis and an overall highly improved intimate fit which allows for increased functionality!

How it works:The HiFi Interface gets closer to the femur bone by employing a patent-pending alternating compression and release design. Longitudinal struts apply compression to select areas of the residual limb, and uniquely designed windows between the struts help manage the gradual release of displaced soft tissue, which enables residual limb volume to safely escape.

Cornerstone Orthotics and Prosthetics is one of two companies located on the West coast licensed to provide this unique service! Contact us for more information about the HiFi socket.

Josh didn’t let losing his knee to a motorcycle accident stop him from enjoying a life filled with activity and adventure. His High Fidelity Prosthetic socket with the adjustable RevoFit 2 Dial closure system creates a secure and comfortable connection to his residual limb. Combining this HiFi Interface with the waterproof computer controlled X3 knee allows Josh to enjoy activity’s such as running and biking.

Overview: Hi-Fi Socket for Above Knee Amputees

This is our Hi-Fi socket. It’s best suited for patients looking for a subischial design without pressure in the groin area. It features four adjustable struts that go around the residual limb to provide great control of the femur and osteo stabilization. With HiFi, the patient has above average control of the socket. This is for any amputee that wants to run, jump, hike or do anything with increased mobility and comfort.

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