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Motivity Partial-Foot Prosthesis

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The Motivity partial-foot prosthesis is entirely custom fabricated from carbon fiber by Cornerstone Prosthetics and Orthotics.

Motivity Partial-Foot Prosthesis

Every prosthesis is designed, laminated, and fitted specifically for each individual. Patients using the Motivity partial-foot prosthesis can expect to wear it all day, in any terrain or environment, or use it for specific activities like biking. Cornerstone specifically adjusts and shapes the Motivity to fit inside a wide variety of shoes.

Creating a custom carbon forefoot is designed to replace and mimic the missing toe lever of the amputated foot. As the foot hits the ground, the carbon fiber absorbs the energy, and the energy is released at push-off to provide a spring in the patient’s step. A unique split keel allows the carbon footplate to comply with the uneven ground to provide more balance and stability. The specially designed two carbon blades can move independently from each other to allow the patient a more natural step and stability on uneven terrain. The pre-impregnated carbon used during fabrication ensures a unique low profile, lightweight, and extremely durable partial-foot prosthesis.

A multi-density foam insert covers the carbon fiber structure of the prosthesis. This insert provides a custom-made cushion to interface with the patients’ foot to ensure comfort with each step.

The Cornerstone Motivity partial-foot prosthesis is completely designed and manufactured by Cornerstone.


Once a prescription is received from your doctor you will be scheduled for a clinical evaluation to discuss goals, perform a physical exam on the amputated limb, and consider design options. A mold will be taken of your foot during the clinical evaluation. From the mold, the Motivity partial-foot prosthesis is designed and fabricated, followed by a fitting appointment to adjust the Motivity specifically to the amputated limb and shoe to ensure a proper fit.

If you have a partial foot amputation or are missing toes, it’s time to talk with your doctor to see how Cornerstone’s Motivity partial-foot prosthesis can get you back to active! This custom prosthesis is currently only available at Cornerstone locations.

Motivity Partial-Foot Prosthesis Video Testimonials:

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