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NAKED Prosthetics

Cornerstone Running man

Naked Prosthetics assists finger and partial-hand amputees by positively impacting their lives through providing functional, high-quality finger prostheses to get people back to work and
doing the things they love.

NAKED Prosthetics

Robust. Custom. Functional Solutions.

  • Durable: Manufactured with medical-grade nylon, stainless steel, and titanium,

  • Heavy-Duty: All products are resistant to most common chemicals such as isopropanol, ethanol, acetone, and oil, as well as water, dust and dirt. Devices

  • Protection: The rugged exoskeleton of each device helps shield the sensitive amputation site from impact and abrasion.

  • Body-Driven: Motion and force output is dependent only on patient’s range

  • Intuitive: Because the device’s joint movement is driven off the motion of an intact joint, the device mimics natural finger motion and is highly predictable and reliable for the user.

  • Custom-Designed and Fabricated: Every digit is designed to the patient’s unique

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