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Ossur Rheo

Cornerstone Running man

The Rheo Knee is a microprocessor-controlled knee

Ossur Rheo

The Rheo Knee is a microprocessor-controlled knee with an optimal combination of stability and safety. It enables exceptionally natural and effortless gait – even on difficult terrain. The RHEO KNEE is easy to fit, and delivers reliable user outcomes.

  • Auto adaptive real-time stance and swing control.

  • Dependable and easy swing initiation on all surfaces.

  • Automatic stumble recovery.

  • Manual extension lock.

  • Weatherproof design allows exposure to fresh water splashes.

  • Accompanying Össur Logic app for iOS devices provides:

  • Smart Extension makes raising from a squatted position easier with less resistance.

  • Facilitates stepping over obstacles and stepping backwards.

To learn more about the Rheo Knee, visit: : Rheo Knee

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