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Ottobock Kintrol

Cornerstone Running man

The Kintrol hydraulic prosthetic foot lets less active to moderately active users benefit from increased stability and safety while walking and standing.

Ottobock Kintrol

The Kintrol is designed to provide K2 ambulators with the required comfort and control.


  • 12-degree Range of Motion: increased ankle movement for a more natural gait

  • Only K2 foot with above-the-foot shell, independent DF/PF adjustability, allowing for easy and precise customizable user experience

  • Full-length, unbolted fiberglass keel for optimal flexibility and comfort, resulting in a smooth rollover

  • Active Dorsi-Assist Spring aiding in toe clearance during the swing phase to reduce toe stubbing

  • Customizability: U-shaped bumpers of all 4 categories are available with every foot to allow for easy adjustment of stiffness without exchanging the foot

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