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Ottobock Triton Harmony P4

Cornerstone Running man

Lighter. Faster. Smaller. Elevated vacuum with Harmony P4.

Ottobock Triton Harmony P4

The Triton Harmony Volume Management System.

At Cornerstone, we provide patients with the most advanced below-knee system available on the market. The Ottobock Triton Harmony P4 integrates two of the company's most sophisticated systems: the Triton carbon fiber foot and the Harmony volume management system. These two components offer superior performance, link up perfectly with your leg, and significantly improve your gait.

Additionally, the Triton foot features a split toe and shock-absorbing functional ring, while the Harmony system comes in the form of the P3 mechanical pump, which is designed to work with other prosthetic feet and even above-knee systems. Schedule an appointment with us today and discover the many advantages of this remarkable prosthetic system.

To learn more about the Otto Bock Harmony system, visit: : Triton Harmony Volume Management System

This is the story of Randy Smith. A husband, father, boy scout troop leader, long distance runner, mountain biker, and below the knee amputee. This is the story of how Cornerstone has helped him to do the things he loves Get your active lifestyle back with our innovative technology.

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