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Your body changes, and so do your needs.


RevoFit Prosthetic Solutions by Click Medical deliver a micro-adjustable prosthetic limb that allows you to instantly control the fit of your socket without ever having to remove it. You can easily customize the fit, feel and performance of your prosthesis by fine-tuning socket compression around your limb. Now, as you change throughout the days, months, and years, you can have a socket that will change with you.

Boa Technology®A new generation of technology designed to provide a micro-adjustable prosthetic device based on Boa Technology® components that allows instant control of the socket fit.

We believe patients’ prosthetics and orthoses deserve to be as comfortable and as high performing as possible, all while still being easy to use and adjust.

To learn more about RevoFit Prosthetic Solutions by Click Medical, visit: : For Patients

Click Medical and BOA come together to develop the Revofit adjustable socket system for all types of amputees. This video is is intended to give the end user or amputee a better idea of what an adjustable socket is, how they work, and what the benefits really are after amputation. Renee Shadley is an amputee learning the ropes, and trying to help others along the way.

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