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Symphonie Aqua System

Cornerstone Running man

The Ultimate Fit for Prosthetic Legs and Feet

Symphonie Aqua System

With the new and innovative Symphonie Aqua System, it is now possible create more accurate socket casts – by recording the full load of the residual limb while it is in the prosthetic socket. This actual, real life simulation, produces a perfectly fitting cast.

Apply the power of water.

The Symphonie Aqua System produces an absolutely realistic image of connective tissue and bony structures during the casting process. The patient can apply their entire body weight during the plaster casting session. Valuable information about the stem volume, the bony components and the sensitive pressure points of the residual limb are obtained. At full load, the hydrostatic pressure in the cylinder counteracts the patient’s body weight and compresses the residual limb surface. When total surface weight bearing is achieved, detailed images and measurements are recorded.

Socket fit is vital to the comfort, suspension, control, and acceptance of a lower extremity prosthesis. The biggest challenge in casting is to consistently and accurately capture limb contours and tissue displacement – as they would be under load. With traditional, non-weight bearing casting methods, it is impossible to accurately capture a limb under weight bearing conditions – exactly as they would be inside a prosthetic socket.

Detailed, real world feedback.

While casting with the Symphonie Aqua System, optimal hydrostatic pressure is applied to the limb while in full weight bearing. The individual’s body weight and tissue contours ‘under weight bearing’ can then transfer perfectly and evenly to the casting material, capturing an impression that accurately reflects the limb under full weight bearing conditions.

The full contact and weight bearing that the patient experiences during the casting process also provides excellent feedback to the patient, who can then communicate this valuable information to Cornerstone concerning bony and sensitive parts of the limb – before the socket is made.

No more painful places – no more restrictions.

With this hydrostatic impression procedure, the prosthesis is individually tailored for each patient. Better casting equals a better socket and outcome. Our patients are thrilled: everything is possible again! From weightlifting, mountain biking, snowboarding and kickboxing, The Symphonie Aqua System harnesses the power of water to create a more accurate and comfortable socket.


Symphonie Aqua System FAQs

Q: Is the plaster cast painful when removed?

A: Creating a plaster cast with the Symphonie Aqua System is completely painless.

Q: When can a Symphonie Aqua System impression be made?

A: It is important that the wound healing process must be completed. In addition, the patient must be able to stand for a few minutes.

Q: How does the plaster cast feel in the Symphonie Aqua System?

A: During the plaster cast, the patients describe a close but even pressure situation on the entire residual limb surface.

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