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Taska Hand

Cornerstone Running man

The TASKA Hand lets you perform more every day activities with confidence.

Taska Hand

Robust and waterproof, the new TASKA Hand does everything a prosthetic hand should. Packed with features, it’s our smallest, fastest, strongest hand yet.

  • Cycle through grips, control Bluetooth™ and more with the new ergonomic button panel.

  • Perform tasks faster, with more precision and superior grip strength.

  • The default grip of the TASKA Hand allows you to quickly and intuitively grasp a variety of objects.

  • Pick up items from a flat surface without assistance from the opposing side with this grip unique to the TASKA Hand.

  • Be precise and delicate with the Pincer grip to pick up small objects or turn pages

  • This versatile grip allows you to wedge utensils between your fingers, offering unparalleled grip security.

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