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The Patterson Propulsion Socket (PPS)

Cornerstone Running man

The Patterson Propulsion Socket (PPS) was a design concept developed at POA in Florida following a collaboration of prosthetic PDE Spring applications between Cornerstone and POA. It is currently patent pending with Stan Patterson C.P.O. and Dave Hughes C.P.O, L.P.O.

The Patterson Propulsion Socket (PPS)

The design is utilized on Knee Disarticulation Amputees. It encompasses a distal socket with suction suspension, an open mid socket, with a proximal cuff. The PDE Spring is used on the posterior of the socket to bridge the upper and lower sections.

The posterior PDE Spring stores energy during stance and toe load. When the toe leaves the ground, the energy is released Propelling the knee forward. Amputee’s report feeling, “the knee is being pushed or propelled forward”; “the knee feels super-charged”.

This is a highly technical socket and is currently only available at a Cornerstone office or a Prosthetic and Orthotic Associates office.

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