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Tillges PressureGuardian

Cornerstone Running man

Cornerstone uses Tillgess Technologies PressureGuardian to manage our patients' diabetic wounds with astonishing results.

Tillges PressureGuardian

PressureGuardian® is a pressure-sensing tool that advances the outcome of prosthetic and orthotic devices while providing measurement, accuracy and success for your facility and your patients.

The PressureGuardian combines sophisticated, instantaneous-pressure load measurement with a compatible app that collects, stores and transmits data to Apple iOS devices. With PressureGuardian, valuable patient data is easy to collect, interpret, store and transmit to your Apple iOS device. The data collected allows you to store pressure-load readings, photos and detailed patient information for a comprehensive record that can be easily saved, emailed or printed for filing. Raw user data can now be exported with the updated iOS app.

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