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X3 Knee

Cornerstone Running man

Reclaim all you want to be.

X3 Knee

The X3 has now been developed even further for smoother, more intuitive walking, improved safety, and better support in everyday situations. Another plus for you: The new prosthesis is simple to control using the Cockpit app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Building on the unique functionality of the Genium leg prosthesis, the X3 is particularly robust and resilient. Physically demanding occupations, an active family life, swimming and sports activities, seaside holidays and situations where you encounter water, dust, sand, dirt or grime – these are the ideal conditions for the X3.

Ottobock X3 Knee info: : X3 Knee

Josh didn’t let losing his knee to a motorcycle accident stop him from enjoying a life filled with activity and adventure. His High Fidelity Prosthetic socket with the adjustable RevoFit 2 Dial closure system creates a secure and comfortable connection to his residual limb. Combining this HiFi Interface with the waterproof computer controlled X3 knee allows Josh to enjoy activity’s such as running and biking.

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