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Advocacy Spotlight: So Every BODY Can Move

Updated: Jun 6

Our goal at Cornerstone P&O is to amplify the voices advocating for individuals with limb loss and differences.

Introduction to So Every BODY Can Move

The So Every BODY Can Move initiative aims to make prosthetic and orthotic care for physical activity equitable and accessible in 28 states by the 2028 Paralympics. This movement is part of the more significant national disability rights movement, emphasizing that movement and physical activity are rights, not privileges.

Limited Access and Potential: Millions of individuals in the U.S. with limb loss, limb differences, and mobility impairments struggle to afford and access necessary prosthetic and orthotic care due to inadequate insurance coverage. Additionally, many health plans deny access to sports-specific prostheses and orthoses as they are considered not medically necessary, significantly limiting the potential and quality of life for those affected.

Group Picture of So Every BODY Can Move
Photo Credit: So Every BODY Can Move

Action and Advocacy

Disrupting the Status Quo: The initiative actively disrupts healthcare inequity by pushing for local and state-level legislative changes through grassroots advocacy. This is with the ultimate goal of ending discriminatory healthcare treatment and ensuring insurance coverage for recreational prosthetic and orthotic care.

Systemic Change: A long-term goal named 28×28 is highlighted, aiming to enact legislation in 28 states by the 2028 Los Angeles Paralympics to lay the groundwork for federal reform.

Support and Participation: Join the movement and support these legislative goals, emphasizing the need for widespread involvement and support.

Partnerships and Initiatives

Insurance Fairness: Beyond legislative advocacy for physical activity-specific prosthetic and orthotic care, there’s an effort to address and improve insurance fairness for broader prosthetic care. This involves combating trends where insurance coverage is restricted or eliminated, thus making appropriate prosthetic care inaccessible to many.

State-Level Efforts

Current Legislation: The Amputee Coalition provides a map or tool for users to explore ongoing advocacy efforts, legislation status, and available resources state-by-state, explicitly focusing on insurance fairness laws and So Every BODY Can Move legislation.

There is an organized movement dedicated to transforming the landscape of healthcare and insurance coverage for people with limb differences, aiming to ensure equitable access to necessary prosthetic and orthotic care for an active and fulfilling life. Will you join the movement?

Here's what's happening in Washington right now: Download PDF Washington State Fact Sheet

Leglislation Enacted by State update from So Every BODY can move


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