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Get Moving with the 28x28 Mobility Challenge!

Updated: Jul 10

Are you ready to get active this summer and make a difference? Cornerstone is thrilled to announce our participation in the 28x28 Mobility Challenge from July 1 - 28, 2024. This event is about promoting physical activity and supporting the incredible cause of So Every BODY Can Move. Download Flyer

28x28 Mobility Challenge Fundraiser Promotional Image

What is the 28x28 Mobility Challenge?

The 28x28 Mobility Challenge is a month-long event that empowers everyone to be active for at least 28 minutes daily for 28 days. You have the freedom to choose any form of movement that suits you, from walking and running to swimming, biking, dancing, or even weightlifting. The goal is to track your activity and see how far we can go in July!

How to Join

It's super easy and free to join! You can sign up as an individual, start a team, or join an existing team. Click Join on the event page and follow the instructions. Once you're signed up, you can set your goals for miles and fundraising. For instance, you could aim to walk 28 miles and raise $280 for the cause!

Tracking Your Activity

There are multiple ways to track your activity:

  • Manual Entry: Log your miles manually through your profile to keep track of your progress.

  • Fitness Tracker Integration: Use Strava to connect your fitness tracker and automatically update your progress. You can also add the Strava Widget to your fundraising page for easy tracking.

Remember, for non-distance-based activities like yoga or Pilates, you can use the conversion of 10 minutes = 1 mile.

Win Amazing Prizes

Participating in the 28x28 Challenge boosts your health and allows you to win fantastic prizes! Over 60 prizes are up for grabs, including Ciele hats, Cotopaxi bags, BedRock sandals, Ombraz sunglasses, Skratch nutrition, and On shoes and apparel for top fundraisers and challenge winners.

Resources and Support

To keep you motivated and informed throughout the month, the 28x28 Challenge Team has prepared the Challenge Calendar and Bucket List.

Join the Challenge Today!

Ready to make a difference? Join Cornerstone and all those participating in the 28x28 Challenge! Sign up now and start setting your goals.

Stay active, stay connected, and share your journey! Follow us for updates, tips, and motivation throughout the Challenge. We can't wait to see what we can achieve together!


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