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Brittany Harrison

Updated: Apr 30

Brittany Harrison“Cornerstone…turned my world upside down.”

Brittany Harrison. “On July 19, 2013, I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in my left knee. It completely blindsided me. I was a 22-year-old, extremely healthy college student, working 50 hours a week and living independently. I had to put my dreams on hold and begin an extremely rigorous cancer treatment that shrunk me to 70 pounds. After 6 months of chemotherapy, I got the news my tumor was not shrinking, and I needed to have my leg amputated above the knee. Before amputation, I was referred to a prosthetist in Seattle. The office was bleak and white, with no pictures on the walls, no prosthetics to show me to help me accept my new life. I felt hopeless. Until I found Christie at Cornerstone, she turned my world upside down. Their office is everything you want and more. Not long after seeing Christie, I was up and walking on my Ottobock 3R80 knee and a Freedom Innovations Kinterra hydraulic Foot/Ankle System! I put my leg to the test and moved yards of gravel with my dad!”


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