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Miraculous Recovery

Mark Bond,“My recovery was miraculous. I was back to work part time in two months, and full time in five months. I credit the staff at Cornerstone.”

At age 33, I was in Canada on a fundraising event for the city of Mill Creek and was involved in a motorcycle accident that resulted in the loss of my limb (below the knee). At that time, I had been a police officer with the city of Mill Creek for ten years, and now I had uncertainties about my future. I had no knowledge about technology or prosthetics and was certain I would lose my job, but within a few weeks, it was obvious that might not be the case.

My recovery was miraculous. I returned to work part-time in two months and full-time in five months. I credit the staff at Cornerstone, the amazing technology and materials that have been developed, and the Harborview doctors. Being able to use technology to have an amazing quality of life, I have no limits from the prosthesis. I can even do CrossFit because of the prosthesis if I choose to.

I kept my job with the police department, and then one year later, I did a lateral transfer to the Sheriff’s Office and passed the physical tests required to demonstrate my abilities to perform my job.


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