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Amputee from RPG stays active and positive.

Larry Tomovick. In 1969, due to combat in Vietnam, I was left with impaired vision, loss of my right hand, and loss of my left leg just below the hip. Not long after leaving the service and being visually impaired, I moved to San Francisco, where they had excellent public transportation. During this time, I could finish college and work for several years as a VA benefits counselor. Then in the early 80s, and given that “back to the earth and hippie generation,” I ended up living in a small rustic cabin in the mountains not far from Orrville, California. Here I discovered sailing on the nearby lake but was much dissatisfied with its size limitations. Hence, I moved to Anacortes, Washington, 25 years ago to pursue my interest in sailing, woodworking, and lap swimming – which I hadn’t done since I left San Francisco.

Finally satiated with sailing, I sold my boat, vigorously pursued my interest in woodworking with even more passion, and continued my lap swimming. However, I always wanted to be able to ride a trike, but given my short stump, the conventional trike just plain wouldn’t work for me. However, about nine years ago, I discovered the available recumbent trikes and have taken to that with great gusto.

Throughout these many years, I’ve been able to do so many things which would have been impossible without wearing an artificial leg. So given the shortness of my stump and the challenges of keeping the prosthesis fitting, I’ve found that Cornerstone hangs in there with me as long as I hang in there. With skill and compassion.

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