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Injured police officer uses AFO to return to active lifestyle of running and hiking Grand Canyon.

Karen White, “Thanks to Cornerstone’s knowledge and expertise, I am back working full duty.”

Karen White. I have been a law enforcement professional for over 20 years. In 2011 I was injured in the performance of my job. The injury left me with a lack of feeling and function in my right lower leg, foot, and ankle and instability in my SI joint. I was initially told that I may not work again in my chosen profession and should look for other options.

My physical therapist recommended I check assistive device options and referred me to Cornerstone. They created an assist for my foot and ankle and fitted me with an SI stabilizing belt.

I am back working full duty thanks to Cornerstone’s knowledge and expertise. I have passed several rigorous physical standards and agility tests and even fulfilled a promise to my family to hike the Grand Canyon.


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