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Fitting the Needs of a Kid Amputee

Updated: Apr 4

Logan Powell. Nothing stops Bothell resident Logan Powell, 8, from doing what he wants. “I don’t let fear of failing or anything keep me from going after what I want,” Powell said. Powell’s left leg was amputated at 11 months old due to a rare congenital abnormality. Powell wears a prosthetic and plays all the sports he loves, including softball, hockey, basketball, and golf.

Cornerstone provides expert, family-orientated pediatric O&P services and support.

No Fear. Logan is your ordinary kid who loves to play outside and be active with his friends. Over the past four years, we have been able to offer a variety of technologies and socket variations to adapt with him as he has grown. This has allowed him to keep up with his peers and compete with them at a higher level. With the experience of clinicians like Bryan, who themselves keep active, Cornerstone can fit Logan to his different needs and connect him with the right people.


A Letter from Logan’s Mom:

Having a child is always an exciting time. Expecting our first little boy 9 years ago, we were beyond thrilled. We never anticipated all the major decisions or obstacles he would face in the years to come. Logan was born missing a major bone in his left leg. He underwent an above-knee amputation at 11 months of age. We have had several orthopedic surgeries and prosthetic legs made at our local pediatric facility. As Logan grew older, we realized we had a choice about where we went for his prosthetic care. We wanted to work with someone who worked with every aspect of Logan’s life and could keep up with his expanding list of activities. Someone who rallied to get him the best possible componentry and the most comfortable fit. Someone who would become part of our family. We left our local pediatric facility and moved to Cornerstone a year ago.

We are beyond happy with his care at Cornerstone and his attention to specific detail. We love how Bryan meets the needs of our entire family.

Last night as Logan played a baseball game, seeing my son look out into the stands, see his prosthetist, and beam with pride to see him there solidified that we 100% made the right decision in coming to Cornerstone. Not only is Bryan a part of our family he builds amazing legs. Logan wears his legs for over 8 hours a day with no issues.

Amazing legs, always available, and part of our family and the community.

Thank you, Cornerstone, especially Bryan!!!!

I only wish all parents knew they had a choice as to where to get their child’s legs made.

Jenna Powell


More videos of Logan in action:

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